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Terms & Conditions / Legal

By registering to, you are responsible for your own actions.

Please show respect to the artists and labels for originally sharing the samples, make sure you have full clearence from the official owner before you publish any work containing samples from

If you find any samples on that you find offensive or you feel dont belong here you can apply to get it/them removed.

a. All acapella mp3/wav files downloaded from this server are subject to copyright from the original owner, and should not be used in your commercial works without the express permission from either the artist(s) contacting the artist(s), label(s) and/or publisher in question and gaining their permission.

b. In the event that you would like to publish/license original works that contain copyrighted material from this site, trusts that you, the licensee, should undertake the necessary steps in contacting the artist(s) in question and gaining their permission.

c. Where possible, details of ownership are expressed in the filename of the works, and these details should be used when contacting the original owner of each work.

d. By uploading your original acapellas, you are automatically agreeing that the composition in question is indeed your own original work, and that you are the sole, or joint, copyright holder of said works.

e. Any of your original works that have been added to the database are automatically covered by clauses a,b & c and the details of licensing and publishing should be worked out by the licensee, and the licensor, and not the owners of

f. Our servers are continuously scanned for any rogue or dangerous files, we try our hardest to keep the bastards out, in the case that you do get a rogue file please contact our administrators to resolve the issue.

Voclr Refund Policy Pro is a non contract suscription, meaning you can cancel anytime and you will still recieve the time paid for. All subscription will auto renew unless cancelled.

All sales are final. We do not except refunds, due to the nature of the platform and the process of paying in advanced for the time period.

We hope to have answered any legal questions on this page, if you require further information feel free to contact us.