• Late Replies

    “The best thing I found with Voclr is the ability to filter your searches to exactly what you need. The key, bpm and genre filters gave me an array of options to work with as we usually produce the track first then search for vocals after. The studio quality filter was also very helpful.”

  • Joey London

    “For me vocals can be the best part of the track, it can take a track to a whole other level, so finding the right vocal is vital for me! I spend a lot of time searching for vocal samples and Voclr is great as it makes the whole process a lot easier, it has a really broad range of vocals, majority of which I couldn’t find anywhere else, and it’s so easy to use which saves me a lot of time!”

  • ThreeSix

    “Voclr.it has been my go to for acapellas since discovering it earlier this year. It is a really good place to find vocals of any category with the option to filter through keys, tempo and genre, which makes it much more convenient. Would highly recommend it as there is not many sites in its calibre.”